Measuring at the speed of light

Unlike other sleep monitors that simply measure your movement using an accelerometer, Juvo uses our own patented fiber-optic micro-bending sensor that picks up even your heartbeat from under the mattress. In fact, Juvo's sensor is the only one that can directly monitor your breathing waveform in real time, without any contact and without any emission of radio waves, making it safe even for babies.

Healthgrade Technology

Juvo combines the best of research in sensor technology, sleep science and big data algorithms from top hospitals and universities in the world. Juvo is based on ballisto-cardiography (BCG), measured using patented optical light technology developed over five years of research. Even when placed under the mattress, Juvo is sensitive enough to measure subtle mechanical forces exerted by the heartbeat, respiration and movements, without any wearables. Juvo technology is developed in cooperation with research institutes, and has been used in many projects, including in hospital care, workplace health, and elderly care.

Our powerful and proprietary algorithms are developed with numerous doctors and sleep experts and digital signal processing experts from international universities. Juvo allows you to understand the sleep quality of the user while being assured that they are within the parameters appropriate for their age group.

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